Novel Process Applications

  • While we are experts on rotary kilns, we recognize that these devices may not be your only option. We help our clients identify and select, the thermal systems that best match their process or site conditions based on their process data and our vast process experience. If you need help developing your process data into a new design or establishing conditions for scale up AlphaThermal can assist you in meeting your process dreams with the help of our partners. We partner with R&D facilities to do material testing to inform client opportunities.
  • With the right lab data (TRL = 2-3) or pilot plant data (TRL = 3-5), we can provide process design calculations leading to the sizing of demonstration/commercial scale (TRL = 5-8) furnace of choice and related appurtenances upstream and downstream of the main furnace. (TRL is US-DOE defined Technology Readiness Level).

We provide design layout using the latest design tools available such as AutoCAD, Inventor, etc., and complete the design with flowsheets, engineering drawing as blueprints for fabrication and P&ID to match.

  • We offer our own industrial supervisory controls and data acquisition systems programming, control systems integration using a combination of PLCs and control software packages such as but not limited to Allen Bradley/Rockwell Automation and Automation Direct, and embedded microcontrollers such as Atmel AVR for data acquisition and supervisory control of the process and related emissions.
  • Alternatively, we can oversee, manage, and/or provide advice and due diligence on your vendors that supply process equipment, unit operations, controls, instrumentation, and any other process-related work.
  • We provide supervision of the fabrication of the select thermal system (our own design or vendor supplied), installation and commissioning of the installed system for your technology.