Optimization of Existing Systems

  • If you have existing furnace in operation and are looking for productivity increases AlphaThermal can evaluate your operation to identify areas for improvement that support reductions in energy use, capacity increases and/or product quality improvement and emissions abatement. In most cases AlphaThermal has helped customers achieve, at least, 10% improvements across the board.
  • Our approach is strictly scientific and based on accurate data collection via kiln audits, data analysis and operational diagnosis via our multivariate scientific tools such as comprehensive thermodynamic modeling, computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and simply collective knowhow based on collective experience.
  • For energy, product quality and emissions issues we focus on source flame shaping via our extensive knowledge of kiln aerodynamics. Typically, our computational tools and in-depth interpretation of the model results will inform changes to burner and/or kiln internal design.

Burner Optimization Study Example

Lime Kiln Example

Modeling Efforts